Case Study

Rhondda Fach Leisure Centre

Rhondda Fach Leisure Centre has a large unoccupied room which needed to be turned into a new modern office space to accommodate up to 64 employees with agile working spaces.


Rhondda Fach Leisure Centre has been undergoing considerable refurbishment and as part of this, a currently unoccupied large room which was a former gymnasium and weights room, was turned in to an office space. Hard wearing but comfortable furniture was required to make this area usable and the layout had to be well thought out to accommodate the required number of desks while allowing for a good room flow.

The Challenge

The leisure centre is in constant use and cannot be closed for the duration of this project, meaning that logistics needed to be carefully reviewed and closely monitored. As the space consists of one big room, the layout had to be considered so that break out space had been planned for and the correct furniture chosen for this. The council is also very environmentally conscious which meant that as much as possible had to be ethically sourced. They needed a sustainable product that complimented the future generations act and utilised circular economy as this was a key driver for RCT Council.

The Solution

To ensure that the furniture meets the required standards and is hard wearing enough to last, Ministry of Furniture has supplied our own Industries furniture which consists of remanufactured desking, the Orangebox G64R Task Chair and some very useful lockers, which were made from old desks and school panels, for that very important storage. We have also installed a beautiful meeting room suite as well as a meeting pod and break out meeting areas to ensure there is plenty of space to collaborate. Our industries furniture are all remanufactured ensuring that we use as much as possible from existing furniture so that we waste as little as possible. The core ethic behind this remanufactured project was to utilise as much legacy furniture as possible from RCT Offices and upcycle them to modern furniture that was fit for purpose.

The Benefits

The Rhondda Fach Leisure Centre now has a beautiful and functional office space with enough remanufactured desking to accommodate 64 employees while also allowing space to move around freely and collaborate in a more relaxed and comfortable space. Having agile working spaces has become increasingly important in modern offices and with high level desking, pods and meeting furniture, we have created areas which supports learning and a collaborative team approach.
July 2019
Date Completed
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