Ministry of Furniture & MTIB Join Forces on Lot 3 National Procurement Service (NPS) Projects

Ministry of Furniture and Merthyr Tydfil Institute for the Blind (MTIB) are working collaboratively to combine their key competencies for the benefit of National Procurement Service (NPS) members. This will allow purchasers the opportunity to benefit from simplified procurement, working with Welsh Manufacturers with social aims and with demonstrable expertise in remanufacturing and the circular economy. In engaging with organisations on a collaborative basis, NPS members may choose to direct award and make a positive choice to support lot 3 of the contract.

How to engage with us?

If a NPS customer decides to opt for lot 3 collaborative approach:

Ministry will manage:

• Instructions (Purchase Orders)
• Customer engagement, estimating, interior design, bid management, light manufacturing and assembly, project or contract management and installation services.
• Ministry will be the prime ‘contractor’ on a live project, similarly providing the financial ledger for invoicing / applications for payments.

MTIB will be the primary manufacturer and supplier of panel furniture (desks, storage, cupboards) and soft furniture (Landscape seating, Sofas, Unit Chairs). We will develop bespoke product solutions alongside Ministry’s Design team, as required. MTIB will provide production labour, materials and appropriate warehousing / storage for their own-manufacture ranges.

NPS Endorsement

Paul Griffiths, Head of Commercial Delivery and Capability at the Welsh Government said,

“We are delighted to see Ministry and MTIB working together. It brings together two Welsh social enterprises who are dedicated to helping the disadvantaged find real and fulfilling employment. Being two Welsh based manufacturers, they’re a powerful example of how our foundation economy can support economic recovery lessening Wales’ dependency on global supply chains. Their remanufacturing capabilities fully embrace Beyond Recycling – our Circular Economy Strategy for Wales.”

Contact our team for further information on working with us and MTIB.

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