Bringing the Outdoors In – the Benefits of Biophilic Design

Biophilia is defined as the innate human instinct to connect with nature and other living beings. The term is derived from the Greek words for “life” and “love or affection;” making its literal translation “love of life.” This concept is foundational to biophilic design, which utilises natural materials, patterns, and phenomena to maintain a connection to nature within the built environment. Biophilia is more than just a philosophy— biophilic design has been found to support cognitive function, physical health and psychological well-being.

Why is biophilia important to a built environment like an office building?

As a species we evolved on the savannas of Africa, today we are spread across the planet and more than half the population lives in urban areas. Now we spend more than 90% of our lives inside buildings. So biophilic design is focused on bringing experiences of nature to us in the built environment; this can include living plants, water, daylight, natural materials, fractal patterns, and spaces that support prospect views or provide a refuge condition.

How does biophilia impact how we experience a space?

There is also a growing body of research that shows the spaces we inhabit have distinct physiological and psychological impacts on us. Spaces with elements of biophilic design are more attractive and have been found to increase use of the space.

There are a number of ways we introduce biophilic design into our schemes. Here’s some ideas:

Living walls with branding…


Create a calm and welcoming environment with our range of planters suitable for both living easy-care or artificial plants. We can supply wooden, upholstered, metal or remanufactured planters. See more here (plants can be supplied separately).

Graphics and Wall Art

Real or Artificial Plants

Plants within Furniture

Moss absorbs air pollutants, turns them into water and carbon dioxide, and helps to purify the air in your space. The second benefit of indoor moss is that it can act as a layer of insulation if you decide to grow a vertical green wall.

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