Vector ICT Classroom (VECT3)

Vector ICT Classroom (VECT3)

Our ICT perimeter benching and Agilis IT bench are available in a wide variety of finishes and have remanufacturing options.

Please contact our team for further information. 

This example ICT classroom consists of:

Loose furniture

  • 2 x Perimeter worktops (18mm Trespa)
  • 29 x Classroom chairs
  • 1 x Task chair
  • 1 x Agilis Island IT bench (16mm Trespa) 4000w x 1600d x 740h mm

1 x Vector teaching wall overall dimensions - 6000w x 500d x 2700h mm includes:

  • 6 x Double door cupboard 1000w x 700h mm
  • 6 x Top box storage - 1000w x 500h mm
  • 4 x Whiteboard cupboards 1000w x 1500h mm
  • 1 x Panel for TV screen 2000w x 1500h mm
  • 1 x Agilis teacher desk 1400w x 1000d x 700h mm

Price From: £12200.00