Case Study

Faraday Building, Swansea University

Swansea University lecture room refurbishment project included an update and refresh of four different lecture rooms within the Faraday Building. Each room contains auditorium style seating with table tops for laptops etc. Working with our team of interior designers, furniture suppliers, installers and graphic designers at Ministry Graphics we were able to bring life and colour into each room. Ministry Graphics printed and installed graphic murals to lecture seating frontage.

Ministry Graphics

The Background

Swansea University was keen to refresh the look of four of its lecture rooms as they were looking a little tired and outdated. The seating in particular needed a bit of tlc as some of it was ripped and worn out after many years of accommodating students. The floor and walls also needed a bit of attention to give them a bright new look.

The Challenge

We needed to come up with a solution that while refreshing the room, would not break the bank as all educational environments need to be aware of budgets. We also needed to work around the universities busy schedule which included exams and open days and a financial year which ended in the summer meaning that work needed to be completed on time to a tough deadline.

The Solution

Working closely with the university, Ministry of Furniture suggested reupholstering the existing seating as this would give it a more modern appeal while saving the expense of having to completely replace all seating which can be very expensive indeed. We gave the floor an industrial sand and re-varnished it too. The large, outdated lecturns were removed to make space for more modern seating and the walls were painted. To bring the community back in to the university, we also added some graphics to the front of the lecture rooms which included local scenery – this particularly has impressed teaching staff who come to view the rooms.

The Benefits

Having reupholstered the seating, it now not only looks clean and modern but is also comfortable and functional, blending in well with the fresh walls and gleaming floors. The rooms feel visibly brighter and bigger - ready for the new academic year.
July 2019
Date Completed
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