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Crunch Digital Media, Swansea HQ

Crunch Digital Media Agency are digital media specialists who specialise in SEO, pay-per-click, social media, programmatic, technical and creative services. Their head office is based in Swansea, and they also have offices in central Warwick, Bristol, Cardiff and London.

We recently engaged with the Crunch Digital team in Swansea to discuss their return to the office following the pandemic. With a young and innovative workforce they were keen to welcome the team back to their new office in a safe and collaborative manor. They were considering installing partitioning walls to create zones within their open plan space.

We invited the project team to our workplace showroom to demonstrate ‘Colonnade’ from KI Europe which is a user controlled product, enabling the zoning of open spaces. Anchored by ‘800 Series’ storage and modular shelving, the stanchions and gantry system can support all sorts of equipment to make collaborative working better – from mobile whiteboards & pinboards, to TV screens, tables, mobile soft seating, power, lighting and acoustic treatments.

Our design team created a fun scheme which reflected the ethos and culture at Crunch Digital. The brief required collaborative spaces where the team could work flexibly following a long period of remote working during the pandemic. We specified ranges of furniture that could divide the space as an alternative to building partitioning walls. The team loved our concept designs and the completed installation.

Crunch were looking to move offices within the Ethos Building, Kings Road – doubling the square footage and looking to completely rebrand and re-invigorate their working environment.  Throughout the whole process, we were thoroughly kept in the loop in terms of design, colours, furniture requirements and re-purposing some of our old furniture and re-modelling into useful and practical assets.  Jasmine and her team were fantastic throughout, keeping us up to date on timelines and fitting within the requirement of our office opening.  Not only were we able to open as scheduled (immediately after lockdown had ended) but we were able to invite the wider Crunch Group down and showcase the office to the team.  They all love the current design and with the current hybrid way of working, it’s a great testament that they all enjoy returning to the office and fully appreciate the new working environment including the pool table (which was our Directors one requirement 😊).  Thanks again and we hope to be able to work with Ministry of Furniture again soon on future projects.

Adam Culley, Head of Operations at Crunch Digital Media

We believe the key to agile working is creating spaces where the team have the option to work together or individually, have the freedom to work away from the desk, comfortable spaces to meet, take a break or share ideas. A home away from home!

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