Ministry and Covid-19 isolation policy

All our staff have been instructed to stay at home and follow the current Government Guidelines. This is policy for the Ministry Of Furniture / Graphics business going forward, and will remain as such until we are better advised. This advice extends to our fitting teams that were working on live construction sites.

All our staff remain on full pay, and the business is in good shape.

We are assessing some essential work the business is currently engaged upon with the NHS and public sector and are seeking formal advice in conjunction with those organisation’s policies.

We are sorry this will inevitably disrupt some levels of service. It will also throw up new sets of challenges for the business. However, the safety and importance of our staff, customers, UK society and humanity at large we feel are of far greater relevance for at least the next 3 weeks !

We hope everyone understands.

We are available by phone (our head office is on divert), by email, our websites are live and maintained and all of our key staff are online and ready to deal with your query currently.

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